Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghost of The Past

Ghost of the Past

I live in a world of shades and shadows.
A world of disappearing loves and fading friends.
People that once appeared solid have dissolved into the past.
I feel as if people look through me as if I don’t exist.
As if they know already that we will soon become invisible.
You can’t see me, I am a ghost.

Most of those that I have known have gradually turned
Into mere specters of their former selves.
They have floated away on wind and wave.
Our connections have stretched further and further
Until they reached the breaking point of no return.
I can’t see you, You are a ghost.

Whenever we lose one another to time and distance,
We become a little less of what we had been.
Small sections of ourselves melt into memories,
And we ache with the loss.

Maybe some day I will be freed to soar over
The seven seas and seven continents,
To find the place where the ghosts gather.

I yearn for that future gathering of spirits,
When we can all revel in the warmth of each
Others love and again become whole.
But for now, we are ghosts,
Waiting for the flesh to come together
In a warm embrace, bringing us back again
To the love and friendship once known.

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