Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

I feel great sympathy in the pain of my fellowman as he searches for happiness. He spends great amounts of energy, money and power, looking for happiness. He seeks to find happiness. He thinks that it is out there somewhere.

Happiness is like love, just one of our many emotions. It is not an item to get. I already have both; they are inherent in our mental and emotional makeup. The only question is how to put them into effect.

It has nothing to do with what occurs in the physical world. I can be suffering and still be happy, I have. In my six decades I have lived the high and the low. Not the highest or lowest, thankfully. I have learned that it is not in my best interest if I let the world negatively effect my emotions.

I can be happy, sad, mean, violent, and any number of emotions at any time. I decide which it will be, not you or any other experience. All my feelings and thoughts only exist internally, not out in the physical world. They are the only things that are mine alone, that no one can take.

Only I can make me what I am, not you, not them, not the past, not the future, just me. I have total and complete control.

It’s time to grab a hold and use the happiness (and love) that you already posses. It is already there, just use it.

You are personally responsible for every feeling and thought that you have. Only you can decide if you will be happy or not. I’m hoping that humanity will learn to see the strength in their innate abilities and learn to make better decisions.