Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surface Storm

Think of your emotions as you would the ocean. If you see the surface of your being as being stormy and wind-tossed, realize that like the ocean during a storm, all the violent action is only on the surface. Only the surface of your being is experiencing the turmoil. Like the sea, If you dive beneath the surface, you will discover that there is only peace. Do not let the appearance of your surface storm lead you to the belief that all your being is stormy. It is only your temporary surface storm that you are focusing on. The storm will pass. If you can remain safe within your inner calm, under the surface, the storm cannot affect you.
If people bring their storms and try to make you feel their turmoil, do not let their storm descend below your surface. You can temporarily let it whip up your surface. It will help you understand their problem, but do not let it into your underlying calm. If you can help them find their way into their own inner calm, you have assisted them more than if you had joined them in their storm. Help them see that their storm is only a temporary, passing reality.
Most people spend their whole lives sitting safely in their boats, floating on the surface of life, afraid of descending down into the depth of their souls. They are affected by all of the temporary situations that the surface of life presents them with.